Friday, September 27, 2013

Reading with Yefer

Before I transition us to my new role as Peace Corps Volunteer Leader of Cajamarca, I need to share one last thing before we move on. I'd to like post one last video (maybe two). This is a video that I took the last night I was in Yuracoto. It's of Yeferson and I sharing a book* as we read to Cate on speaker phone. Dina's filming, Yordan's listening, and the dogs are going crazy,A pretty typical night, even though it was to be our last one together (for awhile):

* The first person to email me with the title of the book and author (in English) wins 1,000 Peacecorts Points, redeemable towards peacecorts schwag from this site's store.

** I noticed two significant changes in behavior on my last day. Yeferson was really clingy and asked, "Te vas hoy?"/"You're leaving today?" too many times to count (even though we've talked about it for the last month or so).

*** After 27 months of hard work and dedication, my camera decided that Yuracoto was where it wanted to die. Looking back at my pictures and it isn't surprising to me that stopped working. It had been put through a lot of abuse. What is weird is that it took pictures all day my last day, but when  I went to take the final set of pictures, Me hugging good-bye to the Pachamacs in driveway, it went black, never to work again. There's part of me that thinks...Does Panasonic now have camera 'soul technology'? I just need the wide angle and large memory card... Anyways, here are the last pictures taken by my dear camera before it gave up the ghost:

All my worldly possession in two bags and side bag. Not including the projector and the fly rod. 

My room, back to the way I found it. 

My last time in the my cave.

All my stuff on Roger's moto ready to take me to the bus. 

As I go through my memory card I think I'd be silly not to include this video, which is a huge shout out to both Claire and Jill. Claire (happy belated birthday... welcome to old age) gave Yeferson a large book of Disney stories, which while still a little too difficult for him to read alone, is definitely his prized possession in the library (think of it as being equivalent to a first-edition rare classic for a bibliophile). While Jill on the other hand, sent the animal cards that Yefer and Roger both like to play with. It's a fun, healthy pass-time for them.