Thursday, August 15, 2013

Remembering the Beard

BREAKING NEWS:  On August 15th Adam Corts shaved his beard. It has been confirmed that the long, food caked, facials hairs were found laying motionless in a sink in Western Montana. During it's 2 year lifespan, the beard took on a life of it's own, and rapidly gained international fame and scrutiny. Not since the the 1930's, has one person's facial achieved such infamy. Most notably, in April of 2013, when the beard was the focal point for a massive Interpol investigation in the city of Caraz, Peru for it's suspected involvement with a Chilean cult. However, after a rapid and highly professional investigation, the beard was later released to a US State Department representative. After this episode, the beard reportedly retreated to it's native lands of  Montana, where apparently it's final weeks were spent posting underwater bass videos on youtube and fighting forest fires. The World is now in collective mourning (except for my Mom*).

The beard in Cusco.

The beard treking in the MT wilderness, preaching the "poncho and a multi-vitamin" philosophy of lightweight backpacking. 

*Just kidding Mom! The beard lives!! Viva la barba!!!!

The real reason for this post, is to show this video staring my host-brothers with corn husks on their chins acting like my big brother. Adam made a pretty big splash with the people here in Peru when he arrived with his ZZ-Top look. Yordan, the 2 year, constantly asks about Adam, and I'm sure images of Adam's beard are the most vivid memories he has.

Adam and Yordi behind the house in Yuracoto during Adam's visit to Peru.