Sunday, February 17, 2013

Swimming in the Rio Santa

Although I may regret it in the future when I grow a third eye or glow in the dark, I went swimming in the Rio Santa and really enjoyed it. I feel that the pollution from the mines above gave my skin a nice chemical scrub and now I'm looking forward to the next hot day so I can have an excuse to do it again (it really reminded me of summer trips down the Blackfoot... ah summer days in Montana).

The river is surprisingly deep and fast, but we found a nice safe spot where Yeferson and I wouldn't get swept away while Cate swam. Here are a few pictures:

Cate and Yefer at the rock over-looking the rio.

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Switching looks (Yeferson being Mr. Cool).

Me testing the waters. It was cold. 

The rock is the objective. 

Made it. 

I got pretty burnt right after this... the sun was strong.

Yefer and Cate chilling on the rock.

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Risked the camera for this great shot. 

The white water was actually pretty strong.

Looking to the north, Cate and Yeferson are looking to the South.

Have to say it was a good day.