Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Peace Corps Makes You Do *Messed* Up Stuff."

 ...A former volunteer who was very prone to over-dramatics, once said this to me with a straight face, while taking a drag from his cigarette and using much stronger language; like he was living in a war zone or something. Obviously I feel like he momentarily lost sight of where he really was, but his line does come to mind every once in awhile. The following being a good example:

I couldn't help to think 'Man, this is messed up', as I walked around Lima (a city of 8 million people) with my backpack... full of my own urine. Yep, due to a specific medical check-up, the Peace Corps doctors asked me to come to Lima for some tests, one of which involved me collecting 24 hours of my own pee. Gross. Here's a picture, double gross:

As I did my medical duty, I the following two things came to mind: 1, I like the convenience of having your bathroom on your back. This makes any street corner a reasonable solution to nature's call; and 2, I was really hoping someone would try to rob me. I imagined myself happily handing over my backpack, trying to stifle my giggles. 

Anyway, the end results were encouraging, and my non-medical analysis of this 24 hour test determined that my urine is warm, generally yellowish, and surprisingly heavy. Now you know.