Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cate's Contract

It's summer vacation here, and Yeferson is out of school; however, the learning isn't going to stop. He and I will be doing "Coquitos" (a popular, kid friendly, learn to read, textbook) for the next 6+ weeks. And to motivate him, Cate made a deal with him. If he studies hard everyday, she'll take him to Lima, show him the beach, and teach him to surf. It's a pretty sweet deal.

 For those of you learning, and/or practicing Spanish, here's the video Cate made for Yeferson announcing her proposal (basically she tells him that if he studies hard every day and learns to read he'll get to go to this playa/beach in Lima and see the ocean for the first time in his life... then I talk and don't make much sense).