Friday, August 10, 2012

Keeping up with the Jones.

Roger's return home from working at the isla brought a big change to the house. It's very similar to what we called in the Anchorage School District "Disneyland Dad Syndrome" (referring to when a military parent would return from deployment and spoil the kids and spend money like crazy). In Roger's case, he bought a satellite T.V. subscription. Not a huge deal, but deserves a slight rant (keep in mind I'm and outsider, invited to live in their home). Here we go:

There wasn't money (S/.9) for Yeferson to buy his school uniform, but the cable T.V. cost S/.60 per month.

Yefer is now late to school every day as he watches cartoons instead of eating breakfast.

After school, Yefer wiggles his way around homework to watch T.V. instead.

The T.V. was shut off after 5 days, due to non-payment. Instead of 40+ channels, a billing notice popped up, covering each channel. Dina, not knowing how to read, made me read the same warning over and over again, as she flipped through the blocked channels.

Even with 40+ channels, Dina and Roger still only watch the programs that were available free through the bunny ears.

Anyway, this isn't meant to be over critical of my host-parents or T.V. in general. It's just a few observations I've made. Also noteworthy, was how it was really nice to see how proud Roger was to show it off to any one who came by. Also, neat to think about how something that is so often taken for granted, is a real luxury for some.

For those you wondering, the T.V. bill has been paid (and I do find myself catching a few of the Olympic events when I can).