Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Get Well Soon Marc

I'd like to take a few seconds to give a shout out to Montana's favorite son,and the NFL's nicest guy: Marc Mariani. Google him if you don't know him. Marc was significantly injured in a recent game and now has some work of ahead of him to make his come back. I, like the rest of Montana, will definitely be rooting for him,  and here's one specific reason why: The guy is an amazing underdog (Go Twins) who always caries himself with an unbelievable amount of class. For proof of this, look no further than the last sentence of this article I found online:

"Mariani was injured while being tackled on a punt return. He was immediately tended to on the field by trainers, who put his leg in an air cast. Mariani was taken off the field on a cart. He waved to fans as he went through the tunnel to the locker room"

The guy broke his leg! Yet, showed enough grace to wave to the fans!!! Tough and classy at the same time, that's the Marc we all know. Shoot, if it were me, they'd have to censor the whole T.V. screen, shut down the jumbotron and throw a blanket over me until the tranquilizers kicked in. Not Marc. Way to keep it classy. You've always done us proud (I just wish you would have done us "less proud" when you played the Cats, but I forgive you). Good luck on the comeback.

Not related to Marc's comeback or injury, but more related to him being a class act, I'd like to dedicate this song to him. A song that will forever remind me of that one time in the bunkhouse (and a song I'd like to think he sings to himself, whenever he breaks free on a punt or kick off return):

Marc's Song