Monday, July 16, 2012

Yefer's Birthday

Yeferson had his big day on July 5th, and we tried to celebrate it in style. I went to Caraz and bought some cake, Dina cooked Cuy Picante, and then we played pin the tail on Tony the Tiger (thanks Uncle Pat). His only gift was a shirt mom had sent down to me awhile ago (which I held on to for the occasion).  Reflecting on the day, it was simple family get together (minus Roger, who is still working on the island). Not too much money was spent, gifts weren't the center point, and Yefer had fun. Like I said, simple, but nice. Unfortunately, I had to go to Huaraz that night, so I left around 5:00PM. But when I cam back the following day, Tony was still pinned to the wall, and Yefer made it a point to thank me again for the cake. Great kid. Here's some pics:

Yeferson and Tony with his new shirt.

Note the table cloth. Happy birthday Yefer.

Yordan really cleaned up for Yefer's big day. 

Random brother picture. 

And here are a few bonus Yordan moments from that day:

Yordan wearing my USA hat. 

Proud American.