Friday, September 16, 2011

Yurocoto Randoms

This is the window I mentioned before in my previous post (see: Labor Day Week in Caraz part 2). I went to the welder on Friday, paid my money, and picked it up on Saturday morning. By 11:0Oam, I was back at the house, and began digging into the adobe/caster wall to place my new window. By 2:00pm the window was cemented in, and I was ready to eat soup that would later give me food poisoning (again see the before mentioned post).

This is frog I found outside my room one night. My host-family saw me taking pictures and came over to see what was so interesting. When Dina (my host-mom) saw that it was a frog, she demanded that Roger sweep it up and toss it into the bushes. She then explained to me that she doesn’t like frogs because they suck blood (She may be misinformed about frogs). When asked what other animals she doesn’t like (Expecting to hear about spiders, scorpions, or snakes... animals on my personal list), she mentioned butterflies and moths. Go figure.  

This is my newest, and cheapest, addition to my room. It’s a book case!!! Or in the real world, 4 fruit boxes stacked on top of each other. 2 S/. in total was the final price (50 centimos each box).