Friday, September 16, 2011

Pancakes: the new apple pie.

Later I will write more about Sra. Betty at “El Gordo” (the restaurant where Roger works), but for now the key point is that Sra. Betty runs the restaurant, always offers me food, is well respected in the community and willing to help me (or any other person in need) whenever she can. So, when she asked me what I liked to eat in the United States, I was surprised when I heard myself blurt out “pancakes!”. Of all the dishes, that’s the first, and only, that came to mind at that very second. Sorry mom: somehow your prime rib didn't come to mind…. But it might have been for the better, as Betty and the wait staff had never heard of pancakes (or pan-kay-kays as they are translated to here). So I offered to make them for them.   We scheduled a Thursday night (mornings weren’t an option), and I went to Caraz that day to buy the ingredients (including bananas and chocolate). Then after the Thursday night football club, I showed up at the restaurant to show them how to make pancakes. I made a banana/pineapple syrup, and whipped out a big bowl of batter. As they typically are, the first few weren’t the best, but once I got the skillet right they came out pretty good. Peruvian’s are always super nice, but I think it’s safe to say the pancakes were a big hit. Not to be out done, Betty offered to make me a few after watching what I did, and it was soon obvious that she knows how to cook. Basically, she adapted what I was doing and made them into a folded stuffed pancake type dish. So the end result (which I ate 3 plates of), was a thinner pancaked that was cooked with a lid on until almost cooked through, then she’d add the chocolate, bananas, and syrup and fold the pancake over on itself, omelet-style. It was delicious.  There are no pictures of this event, as I had allowed the health post to barrow my camera for a couple of days; however, I’m sure there will be other pancake parties in the near future (and pictures will be taken).