Saturday, March 17, 2012

Home Improvements

Turning 65 means you're ready to haul large log poles* and adobe bricks while assisting your son in building a extension to his home. This is proven by Roger's dad who came down from the alturas (higher elevations) to help roof the new den that Roger has now crossed off his honey-do list. Also one the list was: "Build a outdoor sink"... I can't wait to catch a smorgasbord of sunfish, perch, frogs, a turtle every weekend and keep them in this sink (big inside joke there).

Dina over-seeing the construction of her new sink.
Roger's dad trimming/shaping the logs

Roger working.

Father-Son construction projects... always an interesting dynamic regardless of culture. 

* I woke up one morning to see my host-grandfather carrying a pole down the driveway, and couldn't in good conscious let him haul all eight by himself. So I went to help and suffered a real ego check. These poles were real man eaters. I was caught off guard by the weight of each pole (probably between 80-100 pounds each) and their awkwardness to carry. I  needed to really dig deep to hoist one on to my shoulder. Then once it was on my shoulder, it was a 100 yard sprint so I could get the weight off as soon as possible. I guess I'm a little soft and out of roofing shape. I'll be working on this.