Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Randoms before dia de Patrias

So this is just a random post before I head out on vacaciones (vacations) for a long weekend. Tomorrow starts Peru's Dia de Patrias, which is basically 2 days to celebrate their independence (Why do we only have one day? And who do I need to vote for to get two?).

My host family has invited me to a family wedding in Huancayo, a Serria town 5-6 hours away. I'm not sure what to expect, but my host parent's selling points were: to meet the rest of your family, dance huayno music (pronounced: Wine-o and according to Wiki: it's a combination of traditional rural folk music and popular urban dance music. High-pitched vocals are accompanied by a variety of instruments, including  flute, harp, panpine, accordion, saxophone, charango, lute, violin, guitar, and mandolin.) drinking, and eating eye (yep, ojo).

We received a talk from the embassy security person today, and he reminded us of a few things we need to be aware of for our own safety. All of it was pretty easy, and nothing guy who grew up up on the mean streets of Missoula can't handle; however, he reminded me of "Virtual Kidnapping". Basically, it's where someone hijacks your phone or contact information, and then calls your friends and family demanding money for their safe return (even though they don't really have the person). So, if you get a phone call at 3AM demanding money for me, hang up and go back to bed... then maybe check on me in the morning (odds are its just another dumb prank call coming from the stalls of the Rockin' R bathrooms).

Finally, this documentary that is now a nonstop commercial here in Peru. It's about Peru, Nebraska. Basically, it's shows how the people that live in Peru, Nebraska are really Peruvians that just don't know they are Peruvian. I've attached a youtube link to it, so if you have 15 minutes to kill, you should check it out (It may only be funny if you know all the Peruvian customs, but I enjoy it).

Marca Peru with Subtitles

Viva PERU (and the US too)!